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The core of kuli jumé is to connect with people.

We are not the 'big brand set out to make money', we are someone you will turn to when you want to have an emotional relationship! We will give you respect when you shop with us, we will relentlessly listen when you have something to say, we will apologize when it's our fault. We promise! - 'You' will be the center of our world!

Then - We started off designing clothes with unparalleled design aesthetics. Something for all age groups to get you unmatchable and transcending compliments. For us, designer wear should not create a dent in your pocket. It should deliver unsurpassed quality fabric, inimitable color combinations and exquisite style at affordable price to the masses.

Now - In order to give life to our ideas, we earnestly started working with the vision of launching a brand that is within the reach of a common woman as well as to empower the underprivileged women who have some or any kind of skill that is rotting behind closed doors by giving them a chance to work for us.

At the core of kuli jumé, exists tenacious aspiration to design clothes that are inspiring, chic, contemporary, feminine and above all wearable to make you appear synonymous to elegance and exclusivity.

kuli کلی - JEWELRY AND JUMé جمے - CLOTHES

Where they are two simple words in Pushto, bear a much deeper expression. The honor of being a woman. A daughter. A bride to be. kuli jumé - The most elevating ornament adorned by women to glorify their personality and to embrace individuality.

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